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The Academia Europeia da Alta Gestão (European Academy of Top-Level Management) is a pioneer institution in the biographic registry of Top-Level Management leaders and companies in the EU and Mercosur.

We have an effective relationship with more than 15,000 leaders, and a select team of members and advisors from the most reputable companies and institutions.

We are a market reference in the exchange of content and genuine connections between leaders, generating a qualified relationship of high value.

The purpose of the Academy is to bring together a team of top management leaders in an ecosystem of transparency, altruism and connectivity, where they can be who they are in essence. Leaders who have a humanitarian vision, who are agents of transformation of people and society, contributing with their biographical, social and intellectual legacy to humanity.

The four Mercosur countries and the 27 EU countries represent about 25% of world GDP, a market of 780 million people and a current trade of US$ 100 billion.

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Life becomes much lighter and makes more sense when individuals have a purpose, the target that drives them forward. This mission, whether to conquer or to create something, is the great driving force, the creative source capable of leading human beings in order to truly contribute to society and to win, regardless of circumstances. Crises, for them, are new horizons, ways of seeing the world and facts from another perspective, which is often ignored by most. Visionaries, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, many are the names that classify them, but the skills they possess are unique. Their tact to deal with challenges is recognized in the community in which they live, in Brazil and even in other nations. In multinational companies, in autonomous assessments or in their own enterprises, they build the present and the bases for the future; a legacy to be observed by all those who thirst for knowledge.

In the following pages, you will have the possibility to learn from abundant experiences. Stories are full of twists and turns; strategic tips to improve yourself, leverage business, make your career grow and, more than that, a lot of empathy for your fellow person. With each chapter and author, a different learning and immersion in practically a course on business, work, profession and life, which begins with the master class already in the presentation of this work, and can not even be found in any specialization or when taking part in our Academy.

Strategic Leadership

The "New Normal" in the Vision of Top-Level Management Leaders

Strategic leadership does not only motivate one individual, but a whole team in order to achieve the same goal. The true leader knows how to work with differences, always taking into account the appreciation of human capital.

The mindset of strategic leadership had already been undergoing transformations. Now, currently, what is your view on strategic leadership in the face of the “new normal”?

What behavioral requirements are needed for the leader in the face of the “new normal”? How are technology and digital transformation allied with the “new normal”? What has changed in customers’ behavior with the “new normal”? How is the labor market behaving with the “new normal”? Is home office here to stay?

What lessons will be learned by humanity in the face of the “New Normal”?

Leaders who will share another legacy in this historical publication will answer these and other questions.

Happiness at work

How happiness reflects on people and results of organizations

When you like what you do, time becomes relative. Hours pass by quickly and your whole attitude becomes more positive and the results start to happen. There are no obstacles, there are only solutions. All problems become lessons. Imagine, then, the opposite? When you hate what you do and every moment seems endless? Does any problem become an unconquerable mountain, does any change bring discouragement for having to change the automatic rhythm in which you force yourself to live, and you constantly having to innovate? Finally, it all sums up to arduous hours of suffering and looking at the clock waiting for the day to end as quickly as possible. There is that sigh of relief at the end of the workday and you think: “Now, one more day tomorrow.”.

Human beings are in constant search for happiness. But what is happiness? It is very difficult to define happiness, because what means happiness for one, may not mean the same thing for another. However, it is clear that happiness is one of the main motivations of human beings. But is it possible to find happiness at work? Is it possible to balance personal and professional life and be happy in both? Is it possible to keep employees happy, have less absenteeism, and still increase productivity?

The work environment is a key factor in promoting the well-being of employees. More and more, organizations are concerned with promoting the well-being of their employees and creating a good climate and organizational culture, teams working engaged in a common goal, finding purpose and pride in the company in which they work. Nowadays, leaders must be constantly aware of organizational happiness in the work environment, thus avoiding anxiety, absenteeism, burnout or depression. Happy employees are more motivated and committed. Happiness brings benefits to both parties: productivity, talent retention and reduced turnover, among others.

Happiness at work generates results and it also impacts the success of people as well as the results of organizations.


The Pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance Transformation

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance” and it represents the criteria for the best environmental, social and governance practices of a company, minimizing impacts on the environment, bringing more sustainability and more responsibility to people as well as and creating better methods in administration.

Care for the environment, social responsibility and the adoption of better governance techniques are factors that help companies reach equilibrium. For this reason, ESG has become a very popular term, with sustainability criteria where investors also analyze a company's environmental, social and governance factors.

ESG is important for companies that aim for a more sustainable future and good business practices, as well as for investors because it becomes important to look for investments that take sustainability into account. ESG becomes a metric that evaluates the performance of companies in ESG that presents several benefits, especially for new investors.

This is a contemporary theme that we bring to inspire and motivate leaders in their commitment to the cause and to the pillars of ESG – Environmental, Social Transformation and Governance.

Women in Leadership

Inspiration, Growth and Transformation

For centuries, women have had to fight with differences on a daily basis. The struggle for a place in the sun began with the First and Second World Wars, when men went to the battlefronts and women took over the management of the family. Since then, women have been fighting for recognition of the same qualifications as men in the corporate world. However, even with difficulties, women have conquered, step by step, their space within organizations.

During the 1970s, with the expansion of the economy and the fast industrialization at a time of great economic growth, women were presented with a favorable condition for inclusion, where, then, women finally began to take their place in the sun. Since then, more and more women in corporate leadership have become a trend in our society.

Women in corporate leadership have been increasingly a trend in our society. Companies have been concerned with presenting more egalitarian possibilities, disseminating a more inclusive culture in a more diverse environment, with men and women, contributing to a more transparent and fair equality within organizations. Companies that show leadership positions closer to a balance between men and women are more likely to achieve above-average financial returns.

In this publication, we intend to show the questions and main challenges about how women have overcome them throughout their careers and that have contributed to their rise to leadership positions.

Diversity and Inclusion

The paths to a humanized management

The company that values ​​diversity starts to fulfill a social role. Support for diversity must start from the selection process itself. Learning about the plurality that employees have in the company is disseminated directly in society by the employees themselves when they share the tolerance behaviors they use in their companies, thus becoming living examples for everyone. Investing in diversity in the corporate environment is a major trend in the current market.

In the last decades, several social movements demand the equality of minorities on a global scale. Inclusion in the corporate world means assimilating the importance of respecting and valuing differences and truly applying the concept of diversity. It is not enough to just hire professionals from various backgrounds. It is necessary to apply the awareness and inclusion of these people, encouraging respect among them. The retention of these employees in the company creates a respectful and diverse environment that favors the internal company environment.

Respect and rights for long-stigmatized categories – such as Afro-descendants, LGBTQIA+ people, women, the elderly, indigenous people, people with disabilities, the pluralism of diversity itself – represent a cultural multiplicity that is reflected in greater diversity in the corporate environment.

In this publication, we seek to focus on equity and topics that contribute to ensuring that policies aimed at Diversity and Inclusion occur equally for everyone, thus contributing to a fairer, more inclusive corporate environment with positive and expressive results for the organization.

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