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The Academia Europeia da Alta Gestão (European Academy of Top-Level Management) is a reference institution in the biographic and videographic registry of Top-Level Management leaders in the EU and Mercosur.

We periodically hold senior management leaders meetings that have become an excellent tool for high-value content exchange and networking.

The purpose of the Academy is to bring together a team of top management leaders in an ecosystem of transparency, altruism and connectivity, where they can be who they are in essence. Leaders who have a humanitarian vision, who are agents of transformation of society, leaving their biographical, social and intellectual legacy to humanity.

We have an effective relationship with more than 15,000 executives from various companies. The four Mercosur countries and the 27 EU countries represent about 25% of world GDP, a market of 780 million people and a current trade of US$ 100 billion.

Values: Integrity | Solidarity | Gratitude | Legacy | Pioneering spirit | Innovation | Relationships


Registry of Academy Members

with CEOs and Senior Management Business Executives

Strategic Leadership

The "New Normal" in the Vision of Top-Level Management Leaders

Strategic leadership does not only motivate one individual, but a whole team in order to achieve the same goal. The true leader knows how to work with differences, always taking into account the appreciation of human capital.

The mindset of strategic leadership had already been undergoing transformations. Now, currently, what is your view on strategic leadership in the face of the “new normal”?

What behavioral requirements are needed for the leader in the face of the “new normal”? How are technology and digital transformation allied with the “new normal”? What has changed in customers’ behavior with the “new normal”? How is the labor market with the “new normal”? Is home office here to stay?

What lessons will be learned by humanity in the face of the “New Normal”?

Leaders who will share another legacy in this historical publication will answer these and other questions.

Top-Level Management Leadership in Times of Crisis

Challenges and Learning

We are currently selecting Leaders to participate in this literary project. Is that you? What challenges and lessons from the pandemic do you have to share?

Social distancing and closing of non-essential establishments and businesses are already affecting the world’s economy. Does the lack of physical coexistence in the workplace affect the psychological aspect? How does your team perform in a virtual environment? What innovations on the market in digital technologies have you used to overcome this moment of crisis? What measures and decisions have you made in order to reinvent yourself?

This will certainly be a historic publication!

Memórias de Líderes da Alta Gestão

Who we are now is the result of who we have become. Being able to revisit our origin, retell stories and interpret the past is a form of self-knowledge.

Also, sharing these events, interpretations, and learning represents a valuable teaching where both sides win: writers and readers. Nothing could be as motivating and rich as lessons and experience lived in its full potential... so why not register this legacy?

In this unique narrative, in a quiz game style, you are going to learn inspiring stories from the perspective of top-level management representatives. Allow yourself to experiment, live, and learn from other stories.

Alta Gestão Gala Events

Members who participated in the publication join the Alta Gestão Academy, in recognition for their life paths and careers.

Leaders Meetings

The Leaders Meeting is exclusive to Members of the European Academy of Top-Level Management, providing a proper environment for high-value content exchange, updates, experiences and networking.

InterContinental Porto, Palácio das Cardosas - Portugal - November 2019

Palácio Tangará, São Paulo, Brazil - Next Edition | 2021