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The Academia Europeia da Alta Gestão (European Academy of High Management) is a reference institution in the registry and biography of High Management leaders.

Alta Gestão is composed of a select group of C-Level business executives from the most highly regarded companies and institutions, and has effective business relations with more than 15,000 leaders.

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High Management Business Executives’ History

This publication contains the largest biographical record of leaders ever made.

This book is written by 105 business executives and in its first edition it already successfully achieved the Brazilian record of the book with the highest number of authors of High Management.

This literary work aims to portray the history of several business executives through their experience, knowledge and challenges of corporate life, as well as their vision of life itself. By leaving an intellectual legacy to society, the book inspires the reader to reflect on the values, concepts, and behaviors of corporate leadership.

This book is a reference publication for those at the beginning of their careers, as well as for leaders who are willing to find solutions through shared experiences: a genuine management compendium that presents everyday leadership cases.

Alta Gestão Academy Award

Regarded as the Oscar of High Management, the award is attributed to the leaders who joined the work Business Executives’ Histories of High Management, as acknowledgement to their life stories and careers.

Alta Gestão Academy Media Program

The High Management Media Program is unique and exclusive to High Management business executives. The event format is petit comité, which creates a first-rate environment for the exchange of content, update as well as experiences and high value networking.

Alta Gestão Academy Media Program interviews business executives about their vision of life as well as their career, thus bringing inspiration and motivation to society.

Lisbon – Destination of the 5th Edition | 2019